Since 1987 I have had the pleasure of both solo exhibitions as well as group shows.

Most of my early exhibitions in the mid and late 70's were photographic shows in California.  My first all print exhibition in 2000 was a solo salon style exhibition in a lovely west coast builder home on West 14th Avenue in Vancouver, British Columbia north of city hall. The exhibition was entitled Silence. All the work in this show was lino cut and wood cut prints hand pulled on distressed rice paper. This exhibition was about the native middens on Salt Spring Island BC where I lived in 1996 and was essentially contemporary abstracts in black and white and color field. It was a wonderful experience in a very intimate environment.

The exhibition at the Brackendale Art Gallery in Brackendale, British Columbia (affectionately known by locals as The Republic of Brackendale so coined by the galleries owner Thor and Dorte Froslev) in 2008 was my last exhibition in BC just before moving to Edmonton, Alberta. This was a large retrospective of work of about 45 pieces altogether since 2000 that included two new bodies of work, one completed in Paradise Valley, BC and the other in Western Australia.

Dotted in between have been group shows, always very interesting to be a part of, and always creatively opening experiences in seeing, meeting and talking with other artists.  All artwork is for sale unless noted otherwise.  A price list can be provided upon request by emailing to: vaughan [at]


Brackendale Art Gallery BC 2008

Cityscape Group Exhibition Vancouver BC 2008

VH painting in Western Australia for the Brackendale Art Gallery 2008 exhibition

VH photographing in Red Rock Canyon, Alberta, 2013