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Capital X
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, VHS 2011

Solitaire is my first album. It is part of my creative life that has taken years to draw out. It marks for me a point of no return, a creative way forward, that is no longer waiting in the wings watching motes fall through sunlight. Like many transformative endeavours, it was born out of a tragedy. In 2010 a close friend passed away suddenly. I wrote a piece of music for him, and from there haven’t looked back. Life is great..................and short.................and it was this event, that in an electrifying wake up call gave me inspiration.

The album is an exploration of pattern and form, filtered through experiences and places. For example, Mirage is about traveling the great North West Australian outback on safari as a kid when there were no paved roads, and few people ‘out back‘, mostly sheep, lizards, wild goats, and a bunch of other weird animals. Karma is about life transformation, and the only real ever present daily grounding point of ‘chop wood and carry water’. Knee Cat drive is about..............well........a one eyed Mexican ginger rescued cat that just motored when he jumped onto my knees in front of the fire. Ending the album is Love Is A Willow, a poignant portrait of a willow sprig from a flower arrangement nurtured over a number of years into a great willow tree amongst a forest.

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How You As a Patron Are Helping: I believe in tithing and ‘what goes round comes round’, so with this album took the opportunity to support a great cause I discovered by accident.........iHuman Youth Society. A portion of your purchase of my Solitaire album is being donated to this organization. iHuman has grown to provide programs and support for over four hundred street kids and youth at risk ranging from the ages of 12 to 24.

For those of you in Edmonton or Alberta, my album is also on sale at Tix On The Square, and all the proceeds from Tix sales are being donated to iHuman. 

For others that would like a physical copy of the album you can contact me at: vaughan [at] (don't forget the '@' symbol).  Album copies are $15.00 Canadian which includes handling and postage, $12.00 in store or from me by hand.

Music composed and produced by Vaughan Hoy
Recorded at FOSS Music, Dec / Jan 2011 / 12, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Remastered and manufactured at Indie Pool, Toronto, Canada
Original artwork and graphic design by Vaughan Hoy Studio
Instruments played by Vaughan Hoy: electro-acoustic guitars, electric guitar, midi keyboard, acoustic cello, singing bowls, computer programs
Traveling Song for Adrian recorded live
All rights reserved. Copyright Vaughan Hoy / Vaughan Hoy Studio / FOSS Music