Goin' To The Woods

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Photo - Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel, VHS 1988.  Artwork Kendel Vreeling at Fat Crow Design

Sometimes along the trail through your personal landscape you stop and look back and realize………………..how long you have been walking through the countryside and how many lives you have had.  This song is about a unique time along my path with my brother in a place that was real as well as awesomely mythic in proportion.  

100% of all download proceeds are being donated to Doctors Without Boarders/Medécins Sans Frontières.  Doctors Without Boarders/Medécins Sans Frontières (MSF) is the world’s leading independent international medical relief organization, implementing and managing medical projects in close to 70 countries worldwide and with national offices in 21 countries including Canada.  Their work focuses on emergency medical and humanitarian relief, implementing medical programs in areas where no health or sanitary systems exist, or where the current infrastructures have been overwhelmed by health needs and crisis.  In some countries, after immediate medical emergencies have passed, MSF adapt their programs to meet the long-term medical needs of the population. It is noteworthy that over 80% of donations go to direct relief projects.

I would like to thank Jeff Kynoch at Sound Extractor Studios for his support and wonderful mixing and getting at the vibe I was after, and Stew Kirkwood for a really great master. Many thanks to Kendel Vreeling at Fat Crow Design for her artistry in the single cover design which bring to the image of this song it’s indigenous and mythic qualities.

The song when recorded was originally mixed using Propellerhead Reason 8 software.  The guitar is played on a 2013 Spring Ltd. edition Taylor 616 ce which I feel ultimately brings the character of the story in sound to this song.   Lyrics can be found under Literature / Lyrics

Recorded live in Edmonton, Alberta at FOSS Music February / March 2014.  Re-mixed and Mastered at Sound Extractor Studios, Edmonton, Alberta June / July 2015.

Music and lyrics composed and produced by Vaughan Hoy
Vaughan Hoy, acoustic guitar, drum synth, Reason synth
Remix by Jeff Kynoch, mastering by Stew Kirkwood, Sound Extractor Studios, Edmonton, Alberta
Cover design by Kendel Vreeling, Fat Crow Design, original photo VaughanHoyStudio
All rights reserved. Copyright Vaughan Hoy / Vaughan Hoy Studio / FOSS Music