Sarah Stevenson - Nothing Hidden @ The Esker Foundation, Calgary

Esker Foundation, Calgary, Exhibition 22 September to 21 December

An exhibition worth seeing these beautiful sculptures are a poem in form, silence, suspension and sumptuous and evocative minimalism.

“A close study of symmetry and the high level of detail necessary in botanical and technical illustration provides an appropriate starting point for thinking about the sculptures and drawings of Sarah Stevenson. Borrowing from the diagrammatic research models of biologists, naturalists, and physicists, Stevenson’s work appears as sculptural illustrations of natural forms and systems, created to further explore and understand the design and laws of nature. Like drawing in air, wire and string are arranged into bilateral and almost symmetrical forms and are suspended from the ceiling. They suggest the apparent weightlessness of a jellyfish, the minute exoskeleton of a zooplankton organism, or even the universal energy system of Toroidal Dynamics.” Naomi Potter, Director / Curator