In The Beginning


Welcome to Vaughan Hoy Studio

This is the inauguration of my studio web site which has been a long time coming and way over due. It is intended to be a living portfolio of creative work and intellectual investigation, ideation, and projects and discourse going on in and around the studio. You will find the website very easy and straight forward to navigate and find title information for the work. This is just the beginning. Over the next months much of the studios work not published before will be catalogued.

The most important thing to me is inspiration; being inspired and inspiring others. This is where I thrive and from which much of my creative work comes from first. And one of the things I find continually compelling and evocative is where, when, how and from what places inspiration comes from, it's unpredictability and it's magic.

Sure there is an intent in focused creative endeavour, intellectual, intuitive or craft, but I find that the field of inspiration that charges ideas or a body of work is often altogether unique in its energy and field of influence, often organic and intuitive. Some of the more recent influences that are inspirational to me come from art and music. This year I was finally able to attend Edmonton's renowned Folk Music Festival. One of the artists I had wanted to see perform for a long time and repeatedly missed was John Butler and his Trio. A stunning singer / songwriter / guitarist with a fiery virtuosity and energy the trio produced more energy on stage than one would think possible.

There were other artists as inspirational to different yet so much creative genius. I share some of these with you in images.



I would like to thank Tyler Vreeling of Fat Crow Design for building the website and getting it started, Jim Dobie of Jim Dobie Photography for rescuing images of some of my artwork from the Silence collection and my last 2008 exhibition and his images of the band, and Katherine Kerr for her editing and support. And last but not least, Stephanie Badgley and Nadir Bellahmer for their artistry on the single Thinking Of Ginger being released on iTunes September 30th, 2013 and on my upcoming album Heaven's Arms to be released at the end of this year.