Ch Ch Changes

Moving to Alberta has brought unexpected profound change in so many ways, and the beginning of some things that just didn't seem to find their way out elsewhere. One of the things that I find profoundly moving, and akin to where I grew up in Western Australia, is the rural landscape here. And that raw poignant moment that exists all through Alberta and indeed other rural landscapes around the world, the last vestiges of a way of life frozen more now as archeological artifacts and sculpture upon the landscape is stunningly charged, majestic, deafeningly silent, utterly alone but haloed.


Recently I had the chance to visit new landscapes in Southern Alberta, namely Waterton National Park, which is a Unesco World Heritage site, and area. If there was ever breath taking inspiration in the sculpture of landscape this is one of those places. Most poignant was Red Rock Canyon where I made two visits to photograph. More images can be found in the photography section of the web site.

Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton, Alberta