Sound of fish jumping in the river
Glassy puckering sound
Sound of the water's surface being broken
An eruption
A tear in a cellophane skin


Water droplets chasing each other in an arc
Through sun drenched air
Outward as a parrot feathers curl falling on the river's unbroken surface
In a line of tracery


Fish jumping careless of the hour of day


The tree's castanets
Cicadas clicking in unison
A dead give away of the time of year
And it's heat


All the world's exotic bird song rides the vocal chord of the bush
Eucalyptus opens the senses
Opens memories doors and weirs
River running with invisible current


Time floats in a menthol globe
As an opiate stills the brain
Stills thought, the wild monkey inside
Reflection loses it's intellectual dress
Her shear lace falling about her feet
Nakedness prevails in delight
And in the bath of freedom and light


Awareness becomes a platinum beam of molecules in space
A satin stream moving through the universe


The absence of caring for time
So life giving
So remarkably without current
The idea of working
Of working life falls away
No care no desire to work at something
Only to slip into making, the play of childhood


To let go, give up, cast off


Boat breaks the calm
Drones out the cicadas beat
Parts the tireless stillness of air and heat
Only now the sound of parrots arriving again on an eddy of bird call
Same duck swims by the jetty shallow wake behind it
A veiled image of our passage, energy trailing always outward


Careless, the day burns away slowly with the peace of a hand rolled cigarette
How many times are there to return before returning ends again
In the night passage of death or the return to forever
Lost or found