The Party

Lufting and gently rolling
Gravity pressing us softly towards the floor with a pitch
The airship slipped through an evening of light
The Pilot keeping us out of the ditch
So sparkly was the world below at night

Languidly we sailed
Around the Eiffel Tower
It must have only been forty minutes or an hour

The Chrysler Building in our view
In the darkened window
That's when I saw you
A set of pearls in the skin around your neck
Aquiline figure in an emerald dress with open back
I thought how lovely, a bouquet
To see you in that way

Another gentle blimpy roll
Out of the crystal popped black olives
And pickled onions on a roll
Burst of Laughter filled the cabin air
Champagne glasses slopping everywhere
Like children in a school yard
We were prepared
Chasing marbles here and there

Enchanted air full of song
In slow motion I watched
All in the party moving along
London stretched before us and below
In fine regalia
With St. Paul's Cathedral in tow

Philanthropy done
At least for today
How wonderful to be rich and gay

So easy to fall in love
Have your heart and soul all full of knots
Here today tomorrow to fade away
To be sure love is a forget-me-not

And if I was asked
By a friend
Was it worth it in the end
I'd say hoorah, hoorah, hoorah!!!
Let's do it again