Dharma Man

I am amazed at radical change
It comes so quickly
Demands to be let go of in the same manner
There is no surety for decision


How circumstantial we are and all we cling to that reflects ourselves
What we seem to need to build around us

Love, money, health.....all circumstantial the only truth being that it blooms and perishes sometimes like flowers quickly, occasionally.....in rare karma, longer like trees


Intuition, just when we think we have found groundedness in it we question it. Are we sure that's what it is?


In love we need to know that what comes to us will last forever we forget our own death
All beings really a reflection of ourselves


Life requires faith. There is no middle ground and in this is all our panic and fear and vulnerability
Nothing saves us. Really.....there isn't anything to be saved from


It is a beautiful morning. The City hums with a smile on it's face I project
It is bearable. The sun is warm
Morning seems to have so much possibility in it. The trees are fresh. It is almost the end of July
Summer is late and now on its way out. I can wear only a shirt.

Venice, Milan, Verona, Florence, Athens, Cairo, Jerusalem, the Gulf Islands are in and out of my head
It is an easy moment
Most moments not clutched are easy
Like love it is the holding and grasping that stiffens living into a hard brittle thing