Lost sounding
Lost sounding in the depth
Of blue midnight
Leviathan calling across the liquid space
A great cry of pining into the galaxy
Searching in the grey and the black


Searching for a returning call
That could be met
Lost to all others
Leviathan lost to the self inside


Slow ageless movement
In a tireless deep
No boundary in which to find quarter
No boundary to fold into


Loneliness larger than space
Loneliness in an emptiness so large
Time ceases to exist


A great cry to heaven from a black depth
Where there is no life
Nor season
No time


Greyness without a crack to slide through


Leviathan grown so large
So slow, so gentle, so soft
Softened by the lack


Sounding so as to be heard
And not foresaken
Swimming through deaths infinite cloak


Leviathan crying out to be found
Crying to hear a call back
For perpetual night to be broken